About Me

High mileage actor. Trained in the theaters of Mexico City, Aymerich has crossed from the small screen to the silver one. His career has moved from the Latin to the American market where spotlights have witnessed his talent and success with great ovation.

  • "To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty, to interpret it is his problem, and to express it is his dedication" Marlon Brando

My Career

With almost 25 years as an actor, Jaime has showed he is able to perform a wide range of rolls from a fightening ex-con, an East LA priest, a naive nosy employee (a guy that tries to lecture a rockstar "Kid Rock"), to "el Dany" (a pretty boy from the ghetto in Mexico City).

He has also established a strong voiceover career giving life to characters in major American productions, such as: Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Cide Girls, Lego Movie, Desperate Housewives, Twilight, BoJack Horseman among others. His proliferous career continues with reaping achievements with projects like "Crazy Love", from the award-winning director Fernando Sariñana, and his final performance in the American production "In a World". Today, he is working on his next creation.